What to Expect

Cable passes can be purchased in 1-, 2-, 3-hour, or All-Day increments from the Pro Shop, where you can also rent gear if you do not bring your own. A rider's gear consists of: a US Coast Guard-approved life vest, a helmet, and a board. Each cable pass gives a person access to both of our 2.0 Cable Systems for the amount of time purchased. A riders hold his/her place in line by placing his/her gear behind the starting dock of the cable they are riding. When his/her gear moves up to the front on the line, then he/she is next off the dock . At that point, he/she will need to gear up and be waiting on the start dock for the current rider to come in. The current rider will pass the handle to the new rider and the new rider's set will begin. Each rider will receive a 10-minute set each time his/her turn comes around. We guarantee each rider (1) 10-minute set for each hour purchased; however, a rider is likely to receive a 2nd or 3rd set within an hour if there are fewer people signed up within the same time frame. Ride times are staggered to help with the flow of participants, while still allowing each individual enough time to learn and get comfortable. If a rider still has time after his/her set, he/she can place his/her gear at the back of the line and wait for his/her next turn.


We have two cable systems, a standard cable and an advanced cable. On the standard cable, we teach beginners the basic fundamentals of wakeboarding at no additional cost. The fundamentals include: getting up, maintaining control of the board, maneuvering through the course, and making the turns. Once a rider has become comfortable with riding and is familiar with the features on the standard cable, he/she can move over to the advanced cable. The advance cable is intended for riders that can complete the turns without falling and/or can successfully land the features. Coaching on the advanced cable is not automatically offered, but help can be requested for using new features or completing tricks.