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Paddlboard Yoga

Feeling stressed, disconnected and running on empty? Paddleboard Yoga can help. Laying with your fingertips dangling in the water, the warmth of the sun on your skin and the water gently rocking your board promotes deep relaxation. Paddleboard yoga also builds core power, strength and confidence.

Already doing yoga on the regular? No problem. Poses that are easy for you on land will have you sweating on a board. New to yoga? That’s okay, too—you don’t have to be experienced in yoga or paddleboarding to start. Just bring an adventurous spirit and willingness to learn. 


Saturday, June 3rd

Sunday, June 11th

Saturday, June 17th

Sunday, June 25th

Saturday, July 8th

Sunday, July 16th

Saturday, July 22nd

Sunday, July 30th

Saturday, August 5th

Sunday, August 13th

Saturday, August 19th

Sunday, August 27th

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