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Enjoy a relaxing day on the water or get your workout in with your choice of non-motorized vessel rentals from the Flip Side Marina! Located at 100 Terrace Drive, the Marina is our second location within Oak Mountain State Park that focuses on offering a variety of non-motorized vessel rentals, fishing bait, and light refreshments. The Marina shares the beautiful 60-acre Double Oak Lake with a large beach for swimming and many pavilions scattered around the lake for recreational gatherings. Vessel rentals are offered on a first come, first serve basis. We don't offer reservations on any vessel rentals.

Pedal boat 2_edited.jpg

 Four-Person Pedal Boat - $25/hour

740 lb. Weight Capacity

Rambler Kayak_edited_edited.jpg

Tandem Sit-on-top Kayak - $25/hour

550 lb. Weight Capacity

Acces Kayak_edited.jpg

Single Sit-on-top Kayak - $20/hour

9.5 ft. = 250 lb. Weight Capacity

11.5 ft. = 300 lb. Weight Capacity

Hi Line Paddleboard_edited_edited.jpg

Stand-up Paddleboard - $20/hour

Beginner = 220 lb. Weight Capacity

Experienced = 260 lb. Weight Capacity

Old Town Canoe_edited.jpg

 Tandem Canoe - $20/hour

1150 lb. Weight Capacity

Corcl 2.jpg

 Single Corcl - $15/hour

225 lb. Weight Capacity

* All vessel rentals include life vest(s) and paddle(s).

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