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All participants must complete an annual waiver and receive a wristband.

All participants under 19 years old must have their waivers completed and signed by their parent/legal guardian.

Only participate in activities if you are in good health and have no pre-existing medical condition(s) that impair your ability to participate in high-risk sports. In case of an emergency, call911.

No person(s) under the influence of drugs or alcohol is allowed to participate in any watersports activities.

You must be able to swim to use the Cable Park or Aqua Park - you'll get wet.

All participants must wear US Coast Guard-approved life vests while using the Cable Park or Aqua Park or are under 8 years and occupying a vessel.

Always pay attention to and obey directions given by Flip Side Staff.

Foul and/or inappropriate language and horseplay isn't permitted.

No running on the docks.

No diving or sliding head first into the water anywhere on the premises.

Glass containers aren't permitted on the premises.


Notify park staff immediately if you see problems with structures, debris, or anything of concern.

No fishing in or around the watersports courses or beach areas.

Pets must be on a leash and aren't permitted on the beach or within the watersports courses.

Clean up after yourself and your pets.

Flip Side Watersports isn't responsible for damage to your personal equipment or body as a result of using any docks, features, or obstacles.

Flip Side Watersports isn't responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.

Marine life forms, bacteria, and/or microorganisms can be present in any freshwater bodies. We recommend using nose clips.

If the rules aren't followed, Flip Side Watersports reserves the right to revoke your pass without a refund.


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