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Whether it's your first time wakeboarding or your looking to hone in your skills, Flip Side's Cable Park can take you where you want to go! We offer two 2.0 Cable Systems: a standard cable with two small ramps for teaching beginners and an advanced cable with several technical ramps/rails designed to challenge the intermediate and more experienced wakeboarders.


We strongly recommend that each participate complete their annual waiver before arrival to help speed up the check-in process.


All participants must check-in through the Flip Side Pro Shop to receive their wristband with their determined start time and any rental equipment that will be needed for the experience. Upon check-in, each participant will be paired with a wakeboard setup, a helmet, and a USCGA life vest based on the participant's height, weight, shoe size, and experience level. After receiving a brief overview of how to operate the equipment, the participant will report to either the Standard Cable line or the Advanced Cable line. If there are multiple participants in the ride rotation, the participants' gear is used to hold their place in a makeshift line. There's a separate ride line for each cable. A participant can't hold a place in both lines for themself at the same time. Each time a participant gets on the water, they'll receive a 10-minute ride session (or more if there are fewer participants signed up at the same time). At the end of their session, they'll return their gear to the back of the ride line and wait for their next turn. All participants' times are staggered based on when they arrive and how many people will be occupying a cable at the same time. We do our best to manage the flow of riders, but that's also made possible by the preparedness of the participants. We don't allow rental equipment to be shared amongst multiple riders in order to keep the ride line flowing smoothly. The key to keeping the ride line moving is for a participant to know when their turn is coming up and to be geared up and waiting on the start dock when they're the next to ride. Having to change gear between two participants severely disrupts the flow of the ride line and in turn, everyone's time is shortened. Don't be that person.

If a participant has never wakeboarded before or has limited wakeboarding experience behind a boat, then they should ride on the Standard Cable to receive coaching from the cable operator. If a participant is experienced in wakeboarding behind a boat but has never been pulled by a cable system, then they should complete at least one session on the Standard Cable in order to learn the turns faster and get introduced to the ramps/rails before moving over to the Advanced Cable. While it's possible to learn on the Advanced Cable, it's much more difficult due to the placement of the ramps/rails. Also, the Advanced Cable is much longer than the Standard Cable, so the operator can't communicate as easily with the wakeboarder when they're on the far side of the cable. 

We offer basic instruction to everyone that signs up to ride on our Standard Cable System at no additional cost. Basic instruction includes: getting up out of the water, maintaining control of the board, maneuvering through the course, and making the turns. If the participant would like to use the ramps or learn some tricks, it will be up to the participant to let the operator know when they are ready to expand their skills and we'll be happy to walk them through it.​ If a participant is looking for private lessons, they'll need to book a private reservation, otherwise, they may be participating with a group.

It's required that every participant be able to swim! At some point, every participant will fall into the water and will have to swim a short distant to grab the handle in order to continue. While the life vest  and wakeboard help to keep the participant afloat, the participant will have a wakeboard attached to their feet when they fall, so they will only be able to use their arms to swim. If the participant isn't comfortable with their swimming ability, they don't need to sign up to use the cable park.

You may purchase a One Hour or All Day Cable Pass online or in person; however, additional time for the same individual(s) must be purchased in person to receive the discount on the extended time. If a participant decides they want to add more time after their first hour has begun, they can simply add additional time by informing the Flip Side Pro Shop.


Cable Pass

1 Hour - $20

2 Hour - $30

3 Hour - $40

4 Hour (All Day) - $50

*Rental gear is separate

Rental Gear

Board w/ Bindings - $10

Ski(s) - $10

Inflatable Tube - $10

USCGA Life Vest - $5

Helmet - $5

Heater Top - $10

Bindings - $5

*No sharing rental gear

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